Cinema Canadiana is an online space devoted to the exploration of Canadian moving pictures.


Coming Soon

Imagine wikipedia and IMDB combined and all Canadian.  Wouldn’t that be a great way to discover Canadian content and understand how this nation’s industry works?

The Canadian Moving Picture Database will have content that is entirely crowdsourced.  The Database will feature pages on Canadian projects, organizations and people from coast to coast to coast.

If you work on films / videos / new media projects / television / webseries / etc. that are made in Canada and/or by Canadians, then be sure to come back to add your work to the database!

We are also working on a Calendar that will show Canadian moving picture screenings from across the country by region or by genre. Got a screening? Make sure you add it to the calendar (once it’s launched).

Keep an eye open for our movie of the month recommendations with Beaver Tales and True North Docs that will help us all discover what Canada has to offer!

Stay Up To Date

We want to make sure you know when we officially launch so that you can participate in our exciting Short Film Showcase!

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Join Us

Feel motivated to do more than just explore the site? As a volunteer-run organization, we are more than happy for you to join the team! Please contact us to discover more. There are many ways to lend a hand and we would be delighted to help you find your best fit.

If you’re interested in helping test the beta website, please let us know.


Our Mission
• To enable the discovery of Canadian moving pictures and engage creators and viewers in discussion and exploration to increase awareness, nurture pride and evolve understanding of the industries and those who work in them.

Our Vision
• To create an open online community that aggregates information about Canada’s motion picture projects, participants and organizations and to run innovative ventures that help raise awareness, increase viewership, and challenge preconceived notions about Canadian media arts.

We Value
• Opensource/crowdsource collaborative principles
• Access to Canadian content
• Inclusion over exclusion
• Decentralization and nationwide involvement

Our Goals
• To provide Canadian motion picture artists with free online space to profile themselves and their work.
• To raise the profile of art created by Canadians and Canadian crews
• To help to shift perceptions of Canadian motion picture content
• To leverage the past to promote the present
• To strengthen the connection Canadians have for the physical space and culture we share
• To communicate, celebrate and create viewing opportunities for projects
• To strengthen networks and partnerships to work together to raise the profile of the industries and to support, rather than duplicate their work
• To enable the discovery of all aspects and organizations in our industry through basic profiles and the pushing of users to other areas of the Internet for more information
• To strengthen the capacity of our organization and to advance the Canadian motion picture industries.

A Bit More About Our Mandate

Our goal is to provide independent Canadian filmmakers with a platform to reach audiences directly.  We hope to assist independent Canadian media artists in showing Canada – and the world – what we’re capable of. Part of our mission is to use past projects to support the present ones being released.

The site endeavours to be inclusive rather than exclusive to Canadians by providing additional online space to all genres and formats of Canadian moving pictures, and by supporting organizations from all corners of the country. Cinema Canadiana aims to help give a voice to the independent filmmakers of our nation by providing free online space for user-driven content, thus allowing for a diversity of voices to emerge.

Beyond being a crowdsourced site with a user-driven experience that promotes Canadian content, Cinema Canadiana’s design philosophy is two-fold. First, to utilize our website to drive users to other areas of the Internet that highlight the content created around these projects (official sites, places to see the work, reviews, interviews, etc.). Secondly, we will provide a forum to encourage dialogue in order to advance the knowledge and exchange of ideas, thus improving the capacity to appreciate the works.

Cinema Canadiana was supposed to launch a while ago, but still has not.

Alas, we ran into a few technological snags along the way – once with the database 90% done.  But it’s being worked on!

Stay Tuned as we prepare to launch…